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Travel Israel

Updated: May 7, 2023

In addition to the increasing network, Israel is a traveler's paradise. It has excellent facilities, hostels, and trips dedicated to backpackers and independent visitors. With so much to see and do in Israel, it's easy to plan a trip that suits your interests. This article is intended to help anyone considering a camping trip to Israel.


Tourists visit Jerusalem, Masada, and Tel Aviv. Historic Jewish, Muslim, and Christian shrines can be found throughout the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City of Jerusalem is worth a day or a week of exploration. Aside from the Old City, Modern Jerusalem has several sights to view. Beautiful restaurants and cafes in rebuilt German Templar buildings along the German Colony's main thoroughfare, Emek Refaim. It is home to Israel's Holocaust Memorial and one of the best museums in Israel, which houses a magnificent collection of archaeological and historical artifacts.

An ancient stronghold near the Dead Sea called Masada is accessible through the snake route from the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Tel Aviv is Israel's cultural and business capital. Discover Tel Aviv at night. There are several Biblical sites and magnificent Tuscan scenery in Galilee. It's a lovely place.


The fantastic choice of tours offered for everyone will appeal to that backpacking in Israel. Tours to Masada and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and the Galilee and Coastal Plain are examples. See the complete choice of independent travel excursions in Israel.


Finding hostels in Israel is also easy, as the Israeli hostel business is a world leader. Some of the most fantastic hostels in Israel are listed in this post. Between them, you could easily spend your entire backpacking trip in Israel. See also our hotel section for all Israel hostels.

Renting an Israeli SIM card or phone is the most excellent option for staying connected while traveling. Click here for additional information and to rent a SIM card online.

If you spend some time on this site looking up information on things to do in Israel and how to get around the country, you will soon have a terrific schedule and trip planned.


A kibbutz is a type of Israeli settlement—agrarian collective commune. Deganya Aleph was established in 1910. Israel now has approximately 270 kibbutzim. They are no longer exclusively agricultural, and many are now private. What the kibbutz gives is a unique view of Israeli society. They are also excited to visit.


"Kvutzat," or "group" in Hebrew, was used as the name for the country's first communal settlements. Kibbutz Degania has located a short distance from the Sea of Galilee to the south. Young Jews established a settlement in the nearby wetlands. The JNF bought it. They toiled hard to cultivate the land. These pioneers built an agricultural community. Following Degania, several more kibbutzim sprung up. Many in the Jezreel Valley and surrounding the Sea of Galilee.


Most kibbutzim allow cars, and most have motels. This is not an authentic kibbutz experience. Getting the fascinating and unusual vibe requires a tour, which isn't as simple as it seems. Few kibbutzim offer regular tours. Such as this Kibbutz Tour or the Caesarea, Wine Country, and Kibbutz Experience Tour.

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