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Israel: What to pack!

Updated: May 7, 2023

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of 10 things to carry on your Israel tour.


Even if staying in Israel, some of our day tours go into Egypt or Jordan. Regular military or police stops will ask for identification. If you're shopping, proving you're not Israeli may get you a tax cut or better deals. Diamond Exchange tour souvenirs are a must. Border crossings also require passports, though our representatives will help you obtain them quickly. Keep it secure.


The sun's rays have blinded several tourists. There's nowhere to hide until you run for it. The sun may scorch you in 20 minutes even though the sky is grey. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day to avoid sunburns. To protect yourself from the sun, we recommend wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.


There are standard European plugs everywhere for charging gadgets. We know you have to carry your phone and PC everywhere. Many of our vehicles include phone charging outlets. On vacation, you don't want to worry about a dead phone or camera! So you don't short the power or destroy your motherboard.


Nobody wants to embark on an adventure hungry. Every Israeli city has a lively shuk. Begin your trip in Tel Aviv's Shuk HaCarmel or Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda. Salty local nuts, fruit jerky, and sweet halva are tour favorites. Fresh produce enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice: sweet prickly pear fruit, cherry tomatoes, and figs.


An empty phone. A dead battery could mean missing a beautiful panoramic view or a hidden waterfall. Every tour in Israel is photogenic, from the Bahai Gardens to the spiritual hub of Safed. Be ready to capture every perfect moment with your memory device!


Expect the unexpected in the Arab world. No. Off-road fun and fascinating locals! The unexpected Tel Aviv dance party, the Ein Gedi Ibex, or the Jerusalem culinary lesson. Keep in mind that you're making memories. Nor the stories.


Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities have never been more green. Also, Israel is in one of the world's hottest regions. So keep water on hand at all times. There are numerous public water fountains in Israel's national parks, cities, and museums. Keep hydrated and pack a reusable water bottle to stay ahead of the game.


Comfortable shoes are essential in Israel. You'll want to poke around. Protect your feet when you go on a trip to make the most of it. While casual shoes or sandals are acceptable in the city, hiking boots are required for excursions. Wear shoes on this Masada sunrise tour or abseil at Mitzpe Ramon. And break them in before you drive! Lumps and pains can ruin a tour.


Longer bus rides mean more leisure time and chances to learn about the country. Any country's literature can help you understand it better. Amos Oz was a beloved Israeli author. "My Michael" or "A Tale of Love and Darkness" Yuval Noah Harari is a favorite in non-fiction. Try "Sapiens" or "Homo Deus" to see humans in a fresh light.


Keeping it casual is a great way to blend in with Israelis. Most circumstances call for T-shirts, sandals, shorts, and cotton skirts. They'll keep you cool in the city or the desert. The Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre require modest dress for men and women. Avoid revealing shoulders and knees.

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