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Volunteering & Fundraising in Kenya

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

When Indy Escapes was created, our focus was adding more value to our trips than any of our guests could possibly imagine. Our trips were designed to blown our guests minds again and again, from ticking things off your bucket list, experiencing all the world has to offer, connecting with incredible people and making memories that will last a lifetime. We also have a vision to create a longterm positive impact in the locations that we travel by connecting with and support local NGO's & NFP's.

During all of our trips we have an some kind of cultural, humanitarian or environmental immersion, so that our guests get a raw and authreic experience, and build their own personal connections with the groups on the ground. Our vision is for our guests to leave will a hear full of amazing memories and feeling fulfilled that they have made a positive impact during their travels.

On our Africa trip not only has some huge bucket list items, we have also connected with a few NGO’s on the ground and have added a fundraiser element. You can find the day by day itinerary at Indy Escapes - Africa Safari in Kenya.

NGO's in Kenya

The first five days will be spent in Nairobi, Kenya moving between a number of community projects. You will have the opportunity to spend time at each of these amazing projects as see which one connects the most with you personally. You can spend your time with the student, teachers, doctors and possibly build your own relationships to come back and get more involved at your own discretion or even stay on and volunteer after the completion of the tour.

The projects that we will be supporting:

RUBEN CENTRE This phenomenal project is located in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi. Ruben is made up of a primary school with 3,000 students, special needs school, day care centre, vocational training, horticulture club, medical centre, pharmacy, maternity ward, radio station & community hall. The school currently has 4 laptops for all of the staff and students. Aim: To raise $5,000 to purchase refurbished PC Computers for staff and Students and buy new music and gym equipment for students. EDMUND RICE CENTRE NAIROBI The ERCN is a safe place for children of the Kibera slum, with special needs. The ERCN aims to enhance learning and developmental outcomes for children with intellectual & Autism spectrum disorder, by improving their cognitive & adaptive abilities. Aim: To raise $5,000 to purchase/build a safe/new playground for Students. EDMUND RICE CATHOLIC EDUCATION CENTRE The ERCEC is another fantastic project which offers not only education for the student, but horticulture projects and vocational training for alumni looking for work. All of the centres are incredible and offer a refuge from the dangers of the slums. The centres also provide FREE lunches for students to incentivise them to come to school, as this may be their only meal for the day. Most people living in the slums earn less than $2 USD per day. Unemployment is high & HIV infection is at around 12%. It is a very dangerous places to live, as cases of assault and rape are common in the community. Since the pandemic, all of the projects have had a lack of volunteers & donations, so all were asking for exposure & for people to reach out. If you have ever wanted to get involved, volunteer or support an NGO or Not for Profit, then we have no doubt that you will love spending time with the children at these amazing projects, with out without Indy Escapes. So, please reach out and I will connect you if you would like to do independently or stay on an volunteer after the tour. Whilst on the ground, it was reinforced that these children do not need our sympathy or pity. They are strong & smart, they are survivors. What they need is for us to support them & share our recourses, so that they can grow, thrive & create the opportunities that some of us are fortunate enough to have. These projects give hope to the children of the slums of Nairobi! 😊🇰🇪❤️🇰🇪

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