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Staying healthy while travelling!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Ok, let’s be honest, we have all done it! We have all came up with excuses why we eat crap when we travel or go on holidays. As if our body won’t count what we eat when we are away, but unfortunately, as you may know, this isn’t the case! Usually after long holiday, the one souvenir we take home with us is a couple of extra kilograms on our hips. Here are just a couple of simple tips on how you can stay “on top of you game” and stay fit and healthy, while you are away.

A good way to start you holiday or travel journey is to avoid spending loads of money on snacks or meals at the airport and bring them from home. Cut up some carrots, cucumber and capsicum sticks and add your favourite homemade dip (hummus, guacamole etc.), this can easily be carried in a zip lock bag or a plastic container. Another option is to cook some veggies and stir fry it with quinoa or soba noodles. I could go on an on about what you could take with you but really, the options are endless if you really want to look after yourself. Another important point when flying, or generally while travelling; STAY HYDRATED!!!

Once you have arrived at your destination and settled in, go for a stroll around and find your closest supermarket, or even better, a local seller. Now, go ahead and buy a bunch of your favourite fruits or try fruits you never had before that are from the local area that you are in! Nuts are also a good snack to keep without a fridge. This way you will have a healthy snack to hand whenever you feel like it. If you crave something sweet why not eat a nice juicy mango instead of a chocolate bar? Trust me, your future self will thank you for every health conscious decision you make.

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.. Whenever, wherever you can. Not only will walking save you some extra coins but it will also help you stay fit while travelling. If you are in a new city just walk from A to B, instead of jumping on one of those overpriced hop on hop off buses! And what about if you are on the beach? Even better! Wake up early and go for a morning stroll and watch the sunrise! Also, most places have WI-FI access these days, so why not head to YouTube and do some free yoga, or find a different theme that stimulates you like pilates or zumba. Just make it a routine as soon as you wake up! And why not try out a local sport ? If you are in Thailand why not try a Muy Thai class? Or a Thai Chi class while in China? Yoga in Bali? Chose a destination that has a lot of active things to do like paddle-boarding, hiking, snowboarding, snorkelling - just get outdoors!

Remember to indulge in moderation, why not share the joy of a delicious ice cream with your travel buddy or go half’s in a local dish that might not be that healthy, but you still want to try.

One of the biggest “bad boys” for gaining weight while travelling is alcohol, but unfortunately when it comes to alcohol there are no real healthy options - sorry, this stuff is just so bad for you! So, if you can, try avoiding alcohol as much as you can. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it without, try to go for the lighter options such as light beer, wine spritzers or mixers without soft drinks, my personal preference; Malibu rum with coconut water, its absolutely delicious! Also, for every alcoholic beverage you drink, drink double the amount of water (1 glass of wine = 2 glasses of water). That way you will stay hydrated and you will (try) help your body flush out all the bad stuff. And remember, it is ok to say no to drinking alcohol! You can have a good time without it, once again your body will thank you for it, especially the next morning when you wake up for your morning exercise!

If you would like any further information on staying healthy while traveling, contact at :)

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