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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Who should go on a cruise? Singles? Couples? Families?

One of the most advertised areas of the travel industry - Cruising!

Ideal for people who want to see a few different places but do not want to keep unpacking their bags.

On most cruise ships all meals are included. There are usually a number of different restaurants and dinners ranging from all you can eat buffets (with Italian, Chinese, Indian, American style foods) or alternatively you can dine at a more exclusive restaurant where you have a choice of a cooked to order three course meal. All food onboard is of high quality and staff bend over backwards to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Onboard entertainment; including cabaret, comedy, musicals, bingo, dance parties are also all included in the price, along with gym, spas and various pools. Most cruise ships have a day spa where you can organise massages, manicure/pedicures or other beauty services however these are all at a cost, which is usually highly inflated!

Cruise ships generally travel overnight while you are sleeping and will dock early in the morning allowing you to disembark around 9am, then you will then have the day to spend at the destination before being required to re-embark in the afternoon before the ship leaves for the next destination. This would have to be the most negative aspect of cruising as you will only have one day at each distinction before moving on.

Over the past ten years I have been on three cruises and I must admit, I have loved them all!

In saying that, all three of the cruises I have been on have been completely different.


The first was a 10 day P&O Cruise through the Pacific from Sydney stopping in Vanuatu and New Caledonia. We organised to go with 8 friends, all of whom were single and wanted to party so it was pretty crazy, drinking tequila shots for breakfast, cocktails all day and beers in the evening at the nightclub onboard which was packed every night. There were theme nights, dress up parties and heaps of different activities to keep us all occupied, along with stopping off at magnificent white beaches covering in palm trees with crystal clear blue water.


The second cruise was a 9 Day Carnival Cruise in Europe. Commencing in Barcelona, (Spain) and stopping in Marseille (France), Florence (Italy), Rome (Italy), Napels (Italy), Venice (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and then back to Barcelona. We had organised to go with my girlfriend, my parents, an aunty and a cousin so there was still a decent group although this time it was a lot more mellow. The shore excursions were a lot more intense than an Island Cruise as the main European Cities are extremely busy over summer and because the ports are apprimatldy 1 hour away from the City Centre you have to be efficient as possible once you dock. I believe that it is a convenient and enjoyable way to see these parts of Europe, and cheaper that coach tour where you would have to keep packing and unpacking.


The third and final cruise was a 6 day Carnival Cruise in the Caribbean. Departing from Miami (Florida, USA), we set sail for Grand Turk, then onto Ochos Rios, Jamaica with a final stop in Nassau, Bahamas before returning to Miami. This cruise was also different again only with my girlfriend, was very low key and relaxing, stopping and postcard destinations with lots of fun activities, including swimming with dolphins and a day at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas which has a waterside through a shark tank!

So to answer the question; Who should go on a cruise?

I believe that cruising is ideal for anyone, single, couples or families but definitely look into where the type of cruise that you are booking to ensure it suites your criteria. Also check to see where the ship will be stopping off, don't just book the cheapest one! Sounds simple but there are a different route options which go to completely different destinations so make sure you get on the ship thats going to places that you like!

If you shop around there are always lots of specials and odds are that you will pick up a bargain.

Spending Money

Spending money onboard can range from $100 - $3,000 per cruise totally dependent on how much alcohol you chose to drink, how much you spend gambling, how much you chose to tip and the cost of your shore excursions which can range form $20 - $500.


There is a new player on the cruising scene and that comes in the form of boats which carry anywhere between 15-40 guests. There are a number of different players in this space which all range in quality, price, demographics and locations - but my favourite is Koda Sail which runs tours for 'young professionals' in Croatia & Turkey! Check out their website at

For more information on cruising feel free to contact us at or comment below :)

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