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Best things to do in Israel

Updated: May 7, 2023

Israel is a rare combination of delectable food, friendly people, and an infinitely wide array of attractions. Whether it's the culture, faith, or curiosity that piqued your interest, here are the must-see sights after you've arrived. Israel has a lot to offer visiting travelers, including impressive historical and religious monuments, the mineral-rich Dead Sea (the lowest spot on Earth), vibrant nightlife, and a world-class food scene.

Though it is a small country with a short driving distance, there is SO much to see and do that you could easily spend weeks here without running out of beautiful places to see, activities to do, and excellent food to eat. To assist you in organizing your vacation, here is a list of what I believe are some of the top sights and activities in Israel:

Dead Sea

The Dead Water is the lowest place on Earth and one of the world's most bizarre natural wonders. It is a mineral-rich, very salty sea where no one sinks. Locked in by the Great Rift Valley's cliffs, this strange body of water (where natural buoyancy develops as a result of the rapid rate of evaporation) has astonished tourists for generations.

A few "beach resort" sections along the Dead Sea shoreline provide facilities, including cafés, restrooms, and all-important freshwater showers for those who wish to take a plunge. Take a float - you can't truly sink - and you, like generations of previous visitors, will be won over by the strangeness of this experience.

Admire Masada's mountain fort

This hillside fortification in Israel's desert served as the final stronghold of a Jewish revolt against the Roman empire. Their demise was cruel — following a protracted siege, they committed suicide rather than surrender – but visiting the place is far from sour. Early risers should go for a trek or take the tram to enjoy this fantastic historical landmark.

Jerusalem's Old City Tour

The Old City of Jerusalem is rich in history, with winding streets and alleys; it is also home to the sacred sites of the three major monotheistic religions. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts incredible food and innumerable secrets for those prepared to face its labyrinth of shaded lanes.


Nazareth is inextricably linked to the biblical account of Jesus and is one of the country's most famous pilgrimage attractions. The holy sites here are among the most significant in the world for Christians. This is the location of the Annunciation and the birth of Jesus Christ, and the town center is home to several significant churches that commemorate this event.

The Basilica of the Annunciation is one of the most popular tourist sites in Nazareth, but the town also has a plethora of minor attractions. Apart from the biblical ties, Nazareth's lively bazaar district, nestled among the winding ancient city streets, is an attraction in and of itself, perpetually humming with trade.

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