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Best things to do in in Tiberias

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Are you interested in visiting the Sea of Galilee but unsure about where to stay? On its western coast, we recommend Tiberias. It dates from the first century CE and is commonly regarded as one of Israel's Holy Cities par with Safed, Jerusalem, and Hebron. Tiberias is the best destination to experience the Sea of Galilee due to its rich history (and convenient position when we say rich, we mean thousands of years).

So what is in store for you in the city? There are a diverse array of public and private beaches, water parks directly on the lake, local restaurants, pilgrimage sites, and unexpected intersections of art, culture, and history. Continue reading to learn about the top activities in Tiberias, Israel.

Galilee Sea

The Sea of Galilee, a vast freshwater lake located on the Israeli-Jordanian border in the north, provides visitors with picturesque hiking, swimming, and boating options. The sea, which is prominent in Jewish and Christian literature, was the setting for a large portion of Jesus Christ's mission in the Gospels. Today, the lake supplies fresh water to Israeli houses and attracts large crowds to its shores. Taste fresh seafood at lakeside eateries, stroll along Tiberias's pier, or hop on a boat to tour from the water.

Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess's Tomb

Around the purported burial site of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess, a second-century sage frequently quoted in the Mishnah (ba'al ha-ness means master of marvels'), a complex of religious buildings has grown. The tomb, which has separate curtained entrances for men and women, is located within a domed Sephardi synagogue located just down the slope from its Ashkenazi counterpart, which has a larger dome. The facility is located 2.5 kilometers south of downtown and 150 meters up an asphalt road from Hamat Tveriya National Park.

Market kiosks behind the Sephardi portion sell sacred amulets, particularly holy olive oil and arak (50NIS). Nearby, individuals might receive personal blessings in exchange for a philanthropic donation.

Rabbi Meir's hilula (a Hasidic celebration on the anniversary of a sage's death) falls precisely three days before Shimon Bar Yochai's, who is buried at Mt Meron. So some devout Jews come to Galilee to witness both enormously popular ceremonies.

National Park Arbel

Arbel National Park, a national park and nature reserve that overlooks Galilee, has a section of the Jesus Trail. Hike to the cliffs' summit, 181 meters (594 feet) above sea level, and broad views of the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. When you reach the summit, you may tour the historic natural cave complex, which was once home to several rebels fleeing King Herod, as well as the ruins of an ancient synagogue.

National Park of Hamat Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias National Park contains one of the best-preserved collections of antique mosaics portraying Israel's earliest synagogues. However, that is not all that is on display here. You may relax at the hot springs, peruse the antiquities display hall, or pay a visit to Severus' synagogue, which dates back to 230 CE.

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