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Updated: May 7, 2023

When you ask a Sabra which beaches in Israel, they think are the best, you're bound to hear a variety of responses. This small country boasts a sandy Mediterranean coastline that stretches for almost 100 kilometers. The Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Red Sea all have beaches. Israel's beaches provide a diverse selection of activities. From the crowded Tel Aviv beaches, where young hipsters take a break from city life, to the peaceful and calm beaches of Western Galilee's Northern Coast. Surfers frequent some beaches, dog owners frequent others, and other beaches are well-kept secrets! Every Israeli has a favorite beach; here are some of our recommendations for the top beaches in Israel.

Tel Aviv

Of course, the Tel Aviv beach, which spans nearly 10 kilometers along the Mediterranean, is a staunch favorite. Tel Aviv's beaches are divided into ten distinct areas, each with its personality and throng. They span from Tzur Beach in the city's far north, a local favorite and very peaceful by city standards, to the central strip of beaches. The Gordon, Frishman, Bograshov, and Dolphinarium Beaches are among the most popular. It also travels to Hilton Beach, which attracts an LGBT clientele, and the southern beaches draw hipsters and locals. In our dedicated post about Tel Aviv Beach, you can learn more.


The Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. It's roughly 50 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, close north of Caesarea, the Herodian port. The beach's inland edge is marked by the ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct, and the clean beaches don't draw crowds.

On weekends, this beach is packed with people. Many tour buses stop at the aqueduct because it is so beautiful. It's between the nearly forgotten beaches of the Northern Coast and the busy beaches of the city, with no restaurants or promenades. It's a perfect sunset photo site because of the aqueduct. Caesarea was rated the most incredible tourist destination in the Middle East by Travel & Leisure in 2020. Its beaches, we're sure, had something to do with it.

Jizr Al-Zarqa

Jizr al-Zarqa is an Arab fishing community on the shore just north of Caesarea, off the usual path. The beach here is nearly desolate and unspoiled, with vast swaths of immaculate sand and only a few residents scattered throughout. On rare occasions and depending on the holidays, a fish restaurant is open. The beach can be reached by walking 500 meters down a dirt road from Jizr a-Zarqa village to the sea. There's also a stream estuary, which is a fantastic location.

Get out there and frolic!

Of all, these are only a few of Israel's top beaches, and they're all reasonably fantastic. Always be safe and only get into the water if a lifeguard is on duty. All beaches listed below are official beaches with lifeguards; however, it's essential to double-check that they're open for swimming and have a lifeguard on duty.

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