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Best of Thailand!


A tiny island group, famous for being where the movie ‘The Beach’ was film, is my definition of paradise! The sand is white, the water a turquoise blue and lush green shrub that covers the mountains makes up one of the best island escapes in Thailand. Explore the village then relax by the beach during the day, hike up to the viewpoint to watch then sunset, then hit the beach or a pool party to dance the night away!


Located on the Thai mainland, Ao Nang is the best spot to base yourself to explore the area. Krabi is also famous for its limestone cliffs, hiking and rock climbing. Krabi as much as a party place as its big brother Phuket, but if you are looking to give it a nudge, you can still find your way down to Ao Nang Centre Point where all of the bars and clubs are compacted into a crazy little haven!


Only accessible via boat the hidden gem is cut off from the rest of the world but its huge limestone cliffs that tower over the town! Railay Bay is often overlooked, as it is not as well known as Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi but I definitely recommend checking out this hidden delight! It has a great vibe, nice beaches and you can also climb/hike to the top of one of the mountains for one of the best views in the country!


Patong Beach is the most well known destination in Phuket and where most of the packaged holidays are tailored too! There are Resorts, Budget Hotels and Backpackers, along with an abundance of Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs located around the world renowned ‘Bangla Road’. Can be confronting seeing lots of middle aged to elderly men strolling round with young Thai girls so be prepared! If you head outside Patong, the atmosphere changes. Karon, or my favourite town in Phuket, Kata are two other options that will get you out of the hustle and bustle.


This island is the major tourist hub for the islands of the East Coast of Thailand, with a huge amount of amenities, included the Intentional Airport. There are zip lining activities in the mountains, snorkelling trips of the beaches and enough places around Chewang to party til dawn, with the two biggest party places being Ark Bar and the Green Mango! The Jungle Club also offers one of the most spectacular views in the country!


Every month since the mid 1980’s people have come together to celebrate the 'Full Moon Party!’ From what started as a group of hippy backpackers is now one of the most well know parties in the world, which hostel between 10,000-30,000 people monthly! Cover yourself in body paint, buy a bucket and jump a fire rope until the sun comes up! A lot of people just stay on Koh Samui and take a speed boat over for the night then return home afterwards. I strongly recommended taking the time out to stay on this beautiful island, plus its a lot safer than getting on a boat and sailing out to sea in the darkness of the night!


I love this place! One of the most popular places in the world to obtain your scuba diving certification, this crazy little party island is a must if you are looking to island hop the East Coast! If your not diving or snorkelling, hire a scooter and head round the windy roads and up to one of the islands many viewpoints, or explore the nearby Koh Nang Yuan, then a Pub Crawl to get you night started - which includes a pool party, lady boy show and finishes at the crazy hotspot ‘Fishbowls.’


A lot of people have a love or hate relationship with this chaotic mega city! Overcrowded and congested, there is still something I really like about Bangkok! Between Koah San Road, the Grand Palace, Big Buddha, Shopping Malls and Floating Markets, there is plenty of things to keep you busy!


This peaceful little hideaway, in the Northern Jungle of Thailand, is a whole lot cheaper than the south of the country and offers a range of adventure activities, ranging between hiking, bamboo rafting and visiting elephant sanctuaries. Chaing Mai is also a main stop over points when making your way to peaceful little Loas. I was fortunate enough to be here for new years eve about ten years ago, where lanterns cover the entire sky - its absolutely phenomenal, however probably not so good for the environment!

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Hope it helps :)

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