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South Korean Food

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Do yourself a favour and fly to South Korea just to eat the food! On par with Japan in terms of quality, every dish that we ate in this country was absolutely delicious!


Let me start by saying that this is a really bad place to be a vegetarian so when in Rome, do as the Romans do! The most well know style of food in the western world is the Korean BBQ! There are two main types of restaurant, one that specialised in pork and the other that specialised in beef - We did not know this before coming over! Both usually come as part of a set menu and can range from 10,000 - 60,000 depending on the quantity and portioning of the cuts. You will start of will a soup, kimchi and dips to nibble on while you meat is cooked right before you eyes! Eat it slow and savour the flavours! The beef BBQ that we ate was actually the best beef that I have ever had in my life! We even ate raw meat (Upkai) which was extremely good!

Korean BBQ Beef @ Marbling in Itaewon

Korean BBQ Pork @ Sukdal Daji in Gangnam


This dish was a little out of the ordinary, being a rice soup. The soup was not too thick and blended well with the rice, its definitely worth a try! We ate the seafood flavoured soup, with prawns, crabs and muscles in it and really enjoyed it!


These tasty bite size gems are one of our favourite foods, similar to dumplings, they have a thin dough wrapping and can contain meat, seafood or vegetables and can either be fried of steamed. You can pick them up as an appetiser or main at various restaurants around town. The below Gyoza were filled with Kimchi, and one of the best sets of Gyozas/Dumplings that we have ever had!!


A tasty noodle soup similar to ramen in Japan, which can be with meat or vegetables and severed with a variety of different noodles!



Hotteok is a very poplar street food dessert in South Korea, it is similar to fried pancake with a sugar syrup inside! Its a great snack to nibble on while exploring or even walking out of a bar in Gangnam!


A trip to South Korea would not be complete without downing a few shots of Soju! The famous beverage is almost a compulsory requirement for a Korean BBQ, and is a Vodka which is made from rice or sweet potato. The flavour is a lot less potent than western vodka and you can easily put down a few without realising that it will sneak up on you later on!


Also in a green bottle but not as potent as the mix mentioned above, Milkis is a crazy mix of soda water, lemonade and you guessed it.. Milk! This drink is extremely popular in South Korea and we have even see people drinking it as far away as Hong Kong! Although we were sceptical to try it at the start, we were split, I quite liked it but my better half thought it was horrible! If I had to put it into words, I would say that it tasted like an ice cream drink?

There are so many incredible things to do in this amazing South Korea, but so far we have only been able to scrape the surface of it! We have therefore broken our reviews down into; things to do in Seoul and in this post - what to eat! So click on any of the links for for information or email us at :)

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