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The former Soviet State of Belarus is still an emerging tourist destination that has a painful visa process and therefore overlooked by most people when travelling in Europe.

To be honest I only had two days in the Capital, Misk so it was a little rushed but definitely worth it. The city has wide streets with huge buildings with impressive architecture from the Soviet times, large parklands and open spaces with the winding Svislach River through the centre of town. I was luck enough to be there when it was snowing which added to the atmosphere of the city.


Visas - Since February 2017 certain citizens are permitted to travel to Belarus Visa Free - instead of the painstakingly long and arduous mission of obtaining one through an embassy or consulate to organise your visa before arriving. This visa free condition is only applicable to certain nationalities so be sure to check that yours is included, you must fly in and out of Minks International Airport (MSQ), provide a copy of your Travel Insurance for Belarus and leave within 5 days from the same airport - more information can be found here.

Airport Shuttle Bus - No 300 or 1400 cost 4 BR each way, tickets can be purchase with local curranty on the bus or there are machines sat the bus stand where you can pay via card. There are regular departures and the trip takes about an hour.


Minsk is a beautiful city, just walking around the city was the highlight, I could not pinpoint one highlight as sheer size of the buildings and style of architecture throughout the city is spectacular. There is a free walking tour every day at 4pm which begins at the rear of the Minskaya Gorodskaya Ratusha Building near the statue of Voigt. I highly recommend this as a starting point to gaining some local knowledge about the city and also some tips on where to eat and drink.

Some places to check out are;

Island of tears - A small artificial island located on the edge of the Svislach River commemorating the fallen Soviet Soldiers of Belarus.

Belarus State Circus - Located in the Centre of Town on your way to Victory Square - People leave mixed reviews due to the fact they still use animals as part of the show.

Holy Spirit Cathedral - The main one in Minsk, there are parklands in front and lots of gold inside.

Minsk Opera House - This magnificent building is located in the centre of a park and offers shows most evening, you may have to book a day or two in advance depending on who is singing.

Victory Square - A large open space with an obelisk and eternal flame, great for night time photos.

National Library - This is a new building with a modern and unique design, form the top floor you can get a nice panorama view of Minsk.

Botanical Gardens - Located on the outskirts of the city - huge and beautiful.

Ulitsa Zybitskaya Bar District - This is the hub for nightlife in Minsk.

Don't forget to try the local Belarus dishes of Borscht and Draniki.

I hope that helps with your visit to Minsk - feel free to contact us an if you have an questions :)

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