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TOP 10 Corporate Destinations

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

1). Fiji

The resorts in Fiji are designed to capture a genuine sense of place that will inspire delegates and get results. Kilometers of white sand beach and sparkling waters make Fiji a unique choice for a incentive or conference venue.

2). Maldives

There are very few places in the world that showcase luxury and exclusivity as well as The Maldives. Spend the week on an Island resort and find inspiration in the rising sun, the white sandy beaches, toques blue waters, tropical palm trees, the beautiful sunset over an amazing infinity pool or the boundless ocean. This is one destination that your team will never every forget!

3). Singapore

Where else would you take a corporate client or network that you are trying to impress than the most cosmopolitan city in Asia. In this world class island city, the process starts with a tailor-made itinerary showcasing some of the most iconic rooftop pools, bars and restaurants whilst allowing time during the day to utilise our hotels world class facilities.

4). Hawaii

This has to be on every one of our bucket list! We lay out an elaborate itinerary which allows your team to explore this island from the top of the hills to the beautiful white sandy beaches. We link up at a beachfront resort, enjoying yoga and team building exercises, eat world class international cuisines and relax in our down time on the every popular Waikiki Beach! This experience will ensure that your endeavours leave a long-lasting impression to your team.

5). China

An epic expeicence that allows us to experience the ancient traditions and architecture whilst exploring the hustle and bustle of some of the biggest megacities in the world. The engine room of the manufacturing world has a unique opportunity around every corner. Your team will not only be able to indulge in a combination of local cuisines but connect with businesses on the ground too.

6). Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Lets face it, we all like to work hard and play hard - In the next generation of innovation we will be bringing the Los Angeles & Las Vegas experience together! Our team understands the demands of your time as a busy event planner along with connecting two destinations, which can become a nightmare. We are focused on making sure that the process runs seamlessly at every stage. Whatever the event or conference in Los Angeles and some down time in Las Vegas to relax or play, our events team is here to not only make your event a great one, but one that delegates will never forget.

7). Thailand

People have graduated to Thailand in the millions for as long as we could freely travel and this is one of the most popular destinations for a good reason - It has it all! Beautiful weather, fantastic beaches, exotic food, world class resorts and best of all, it is affordable. Entertain your team in this tropical paradise.

8). Australia

In the Great Southern Land there is no shortage on places to organise a conference. Our favourite locations are Tropical North Queensland, where we stay at a world class resort with a swim up pool bar. You days will be spent exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Draintree Rainforest or an exclusive weekend away to one of Australia's famous wine regions, being Margaret River, Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley or Yarra Valley.

9). Hong Kong

Connect and collaborate in sophisticated city that has a hustle and bustle like no other, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a habour that rivals any in the world. The business epicentre of Hong Kong is where East meets West and all in between. There is an exciting atmosphere in the streets, top notch restaurants and nightlife that bring in all walks of life.

10). Croatia

There is only one way to see Croatia and that is by sea! Sail down the coast of what we think is the most spectacular country in Europe. Explore the medieval castles and old towns of Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar as you look down and out over fluro blue water of the Adriatic. In this experience you will have your own private 130 foot yacht to enjoy with your team!

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