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Covid Restrictions in the Maldives

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Good news - On arrival in the Maldives, there is no requirement to undergo quarantine!

The Maldives offer a visa on arrival to all nationalities, pending a few minor conditions. This entitles tourists to a 30-day stay and most are confirming that you will have sufficient funds and that you actually plan on leaving the country. Before arrival and departure to and from the Maldives, you will be required to complete an electronic traveller declaration form. The customs officials with ask to see a copy of the completed form, so please save, print or screenshot when arriving and departing.

All tourists will be required to provide either Proof of Vaccination from an approved provider or alternatively show a negative result for a PCR test for Covid-19 upon arrival, as mandated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). To be eligible for the stated test, the sample must be collected no more than 96 hours before the scheduled departure time from the first port of embarkation on the way to the Maldives. More information can be found at the Maldives immigration website or Visit Maldives, the official government tourism website.

The guideline "Public health interventions to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19 in the tourism sector," published by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Health Protection Agency, describes in detail what tourists and tourist establishments should expect and be prepared for under the new normal conditions.

What Can Guests Expect When They Arrive?

A large part of the Maldives' marketing strategy revolves around the idea of a "normal" holiday. This is due to the isolation of most hotels and the vast majority of visitors choose to stay in resorts rather than venture out into the surrounding area, so overall, the whole situation is extremely relaxed and under control.

In addition, you may expect your resort to have requirements, such as checking your temperature upon arrival and requiring you to wear a mask indoors. Because most items in stores must be delivered to the Maldives, some items can be rather expensive; therefore, you should bring essentials such as masks and hand sanitizer with you to avoid spending money while on the island group.

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