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Dome of the Rock



Explore the Middle East

There is no place on earth as diverse as Israel.

Discover the Ancient City of Jerusalem, Explore the Ruins of Masada, Float in the Dead Sea, Dive in the Red Sea and then Relax in the Mediterranean!

If you want to get off the beaten track...

This trip is for you!


If you want to understand more about the Middle East...

This trip is for you!


If you have a thirst for adventure...

This trip for you!

This tailored made trip is exclusive to "Young Professionals" looking to travel and connect with like-minded people.

This trip is a mix of:

Exploring ancient cities  

Socialising with new friends

Swimming at the Beach

We also have a range of optional extra activities, allowing you to decide how you will spend your days.

Falafel in Pita
Image by Daniel Newman

What's Included?

9 x Nights Accomodation


Internal Transfers

Daily buffet Breakfasts

4 x Lunches & 4 Dinners



Eilat - Red Sea

Tel Aviv

Daily Yoga sessions

Photos and footage from the trip provided to all guests!

Optional Activities


Walking Tours:






Dead Sea

Winery Tour

Cooking Class

Scuba Diving

Kite Surfing 

Night Fishing

Bar/Pub Crawls 

Water Sports:

SUP, Parasailing & Wakeboarding

Scuba Diver and Corals
Image by Hari Nandakumar
Image by Bruno Aguirre

We commence our Middle Eastern experience after meeting your Indy Escapes crew at our hotel at 12 noon. You will be given an introduction to the Holy Land and what you can expect over the next ten days, along with being able to ask any questions that you have.

After lunch we will head into the old town for a walking tour taken by a local and qualified guide who will tell the tail of one of the most iconic cities in the world. This will give you an opportunity to understand the mix of cultures and religion that have lived and fought of this important pice of land for millennia.

We will finish the day with a rooftop dinner and drinks, whilst watching the sunset over this magical city.


Today we are up early to capitalise on what we have learnt the day before. With so many different sites to explore in the old town, we don't want you to miss out.

We will spend today uncovering secrets, sites and culture that dates back thousands of years which includes the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian Quarters, along with the Arab Market, World Holocaust Remembrance Centre and the Second Temple Model will give us an inkling of what the city looked like in ancient times.

We will finish the day by heading up to the top of the Mount of Olives before heading back to town to feast on more delicious local cuisine.

Image by Stacey Franco


Today is a free day to delve deeper and explore some more hidden gems in Jerusalem or venture out of the city to float in the Dead Sea or traverse through the ancient cities of Bethehem, Jericho or Masada.

We realise that every single person has different background and interest and therefore want to give you time to spend on the experiences that you like! With so many things to do and such little time, we will help coordinate how you would like to spend you day but ultimately, the choice is your. 

Tonight is where the fun really starts, as we will be done and dusted exploring so we can finish our day with another rooftop dinner at sunset then hit up some of Jerusalems best bars and the gentrified Shuk Machane Yehuda!

Day 4: EILAT

Today we will say goodbye to Jerusalem and head south for the Red Sea. We will be staying in Israels holiday resort town of Eilat, where you can see the boarders of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

This is where we start to have some fun.. Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Kite Surfing, Stand-up Paddleboard, Swimming with dolphins or just relax on the beach and smoke a shisha. Eilat is truely different to what we have experienced the last couple of days in Jerusalem!

During the eveing we will head down to the beach for dinner and drinks whilst watching another beautiful sunsetIf you think today was a fun start, get excited as tomorrow we get to the opportunity to head to Petra!

Image by Josh Appel
Image by Juanma Clemente-Alloza

Today you have the option to relax in Eilat and enjoy the beach, cross the border for day trip to Egypt or we can tick another item off the bucket list and see one of the seven wonders of the world - The ancient city of Petra! This unbelievable place was hidden by the locals for hundreds of years and will absolutely blow you away. 

We will depart early in the morning as we cross the border to Jordan and head north to Wadi Musa. Spend the day exploring the Pharaoh’s Castle, the Triumphal Arc and the Treasury, then climb the cliffs and have a tea with the local Bedouin as you look over the valleys and caves.

For those that head to Petra or Egypt you will spend the night in a local hotel and for those who have stayed in Eilat, we will head into town for a beautiful local dinner then explore the local night life!


It is our last day in the south of Israel and by now you would have wound right down from the information overload in Jerusalem! If you have remained in Eilat, you will have the opportunity to explore the Israeli dessert, relax at the beach or by the pool, go snorkelling, scuba diving, wakeboard, kitesurfing, parasail or SUP!

Those who venture out to Jordan or Egypt will spend the day exploring the Wadi Rum or the Blue Lagoon and then head back to Eilat for a big fat Israeli dinner together!

We recommend keeping tonight low key as our next stop is Israels party capital - Tel Aviv!

Image by Rinaldo Vadi
Image by Cristina Gottardi

The last few days have fun been full of bucket list items so today, we are hitting the pavment for a walking tour of Tel Aviv. We find that this is the best way to set the foundation for the next few days is to understand where its at! Tel Aviv is so vibrant and bustling with life that you will see a bustling liberal scene with beachgoers, partiers and religious pilgrims all living side by side.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to take part in an Israeli cooking class! By joining the cooking class we feel that you will actually be able to take a part of Israel home and impress your friends will a new exotic dish.. Once we complete our cooking glass - It is time to head out!



After a delicious breakfast we will have the chance to explore the Northern City of Haifa which has the most beautiful gardens in the country. For those that want to stay a little closer to home - We recommend to head to the hustling and busting Arabic neighbourhood of Jaffa! If you head to Tel Aviv, you must go to Jaffa and eat some of Shawarma, Falafel or Knafeh. 

Tel Aviv is world rebound for its amazing culinary scene so we will be heading out to one of Israels most well know restaurants so you can taste a mix of the different herbs, spices and recipes brought back her from all corners of the globe. From here, we will continue to head out to some of the countries best bars and clubs!

Image by Shai Pal
Image by Nina F.

The last few days have fun been crazy so let's slow it all down and have a Beach Day! 


There are various water sports available at the beach which include; Stand up paddle boarding and parasailing, a crowd favourite is to organise a game of beach volleyball.

We will all meet up for dinner to enjoy our final meal whilst watching the sunset over this amazing city!

Tomorrow morning our Israeli adventure comes to an end.


After our final breakfast together we will say our farewells and start coordinating our departure.

Our team on the ground will help with a smooth transition to the Airport or for those of you staying on, your next stop. Our ground crew can also help organise any further travel or activities that you are interested in. 

After hugging your new travel family and friends goodbye, you will have time to ponder - Where too next? 

Image by Pontus Wellgraf
Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Dave Herring

*Private Departures Available* 

Enquire for dates and prices



Payment Plan: available on request.

We accept Bank Transfer & Pay Pal.

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