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Summer Vacation in Oludeniz

Where to stay

Turkey Sail

Refer to the map below to get a good layout of what Fethiye looks like and where would be the best location to choose so that you are close to where the tour starts. Your tour check-in will be at the Fethiye Marina located on the map where the Indy Escapes logo is.  Click here for Google Map Link.

The growth of tourism over the past few years has led to the resurgence of many local hotels coming back to life. The trend has been to use sites such as rather than having to deal direct with the hotels as their booking systems are easier to navigate. 

Post Tour: We will be back in Fethiye on Friday evening at approx 5:00pm, with the tour ending after breakfast on Saturday morning at 9:00am. 


If you have an early flight out, you may disembark earlier. If not, you may want to consider getting an extra nights accomodation back in Fethiye close to the port, and possibly do some of the excursions offered to Cappodocia and Pamukkale. Your Koda Sail rep can help you organise this.

Some recommended hotels to check out are;

Alesta Yacht Hotel

Sakura Suit Hostel

El Camino Hostel

Check our window below to see what is available for your required dates.  

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