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Turkey Sail: Excusions 


There's no doubt about it, a week on the seas sailing with Indy Escapes is already going to be amazing. 

But for the full Indy Escapes experience we've got these exciting excursions to add on just for you!

We got you covered on the sea and the land with loads of fun to keep you entertained for the week on board. 


The following excursions on offer will be organised for you by your Indy Escapes rep, the experts in all things fun!

They will go through each excursion (plus more!) in more detail once you get on board. 

Please note that all excursions must be paid for in cash directly to your rep.

Prices shown here can be used as a guide and are subject to change.

Beach Party

Paragliding over the Blue Lagoon: €155

Experience the thrill of flying over Oludeniz (the Blue Lagoon), the undisputed paradise for paragliding in Turkey! Launching from the top of Babadag Mountain, you’ll have panoramic views of the renowned Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, untouched coves and picturesque scenery around this famous coastal town.

From all around the world, people flock to Oludeniz for the chance to go paragliding because it’s home to one of the highest commercial launch sites in the world! Combined with the absolutely stunning views from above, you will have a unique paragliding adventure flying in tandem with your licensed pilot at an altitude of 1,700 meters. After 30-40 minutes, your flight will end with you soaring over the pristine beach before making a soft landing in a designated area on the beach boardwalk.

Nearly anyone can participate in this safe and exciting paragliding flight above Oludeniz! No previous experience is necessary. 

Note: This activity could be canceled or postponed due to weather conditions.

Image by Charbel Aoun
Cooking Class

Cooking Class on the Boat: Included

With our amazing local chef on board with us all week cooking up delicious dishes for you day after day, it'd be a crime not to share some of their recipes with you. 

You'll get a chance to try your hand at the chef's table and prepare your own local Turkish dish, so you not only take home memories of this trip but also get to eat them again when you're back home!

Turkish Bath (Hamam): €45

THIS IS A MUST!! You can NOT leave Turkey without experience the pleasures of a traditional Turkish bath, aka a Hamam. 

This package includes the sauna, peeling, foam massage, and face mask – leaving your skin feeling amazing and will make your body feel more fit, and your spirit feel more healthy.

And for the guys, you can add on an experience at the Turkish barber for a full on pamper!

Massage Oil
Underwater Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving: €65

Kas rightly enjoys the call of a real diver’s paradise with a great visibility up to 40 m, pleasant water temperatures (28°C in July/August) and an attractive underwater world.

Excessively covered reefs, imposing walls and a substantial fish population have established more than 30 diving spots all around the Kas area. Our boat trips lead to a wide assortment of locations with different depths and degrees of difficulty that offer a choice suitable for every taste, so that beginners as well as experienced diving freaks can enjoy their diving to the full.

Note: This activity could be canceled or postponed due to weather conditions.

Group diving available for PADI diving license holders.

Sea Kayaking: €45 

Get out and explore the Sunken City of Kekova (UNESCO Heritage site) with our guided sea kayaking tour. 

View the centuries old historic ruins through the crystal blue water. One not to be missed!

Mountain Town

Ghost Town Tour: €30

If you're into your history, or just like hearing a good story, this one is for you!

The ghost town of Kayaköy – a cluster of about a thousand centuries-old stone houses scattered across a hillside – has a poignant history. Formerly inhabited by Greek citizens of the Ottoman Empire and known by the Greek name of Levissi, it was abandoned in 1923 after the Greek-Turkish population exchange that took place after the founding of the Turkish Republic. 

Walking among the crumbling, empty houses and through the narrow lanes can be rather eerie, but the deserted village has a surreal beauty to it. There are a couple of churches and chapels, of which the most significant is the Panayia Pyrgiotissa (built in 1888), where a few fragments of frescoes and mosaics can still be seen.



Visit the historic town of Pamukkale which means “cotton castle” in Turkish, and it is a natural site containing hot springs and travertines; terraces of mineral carbonates left by the water flowing with its temperate climate throughout the years.

We will also visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The natural sources have been used as a spa since the 2nd century BC.

You will also have the opportunity to swim in the Cleopatra pool with an additional charge (by the facility), filled with marble columns from the Roman temple of Apollo & Agora of the City.

Blue Waters of Pamukkale
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