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Beautiful South Africa's Cape Town's, Mountain and Sea views. Table Mountain, Lion's head


Marrakesh Market

Overland  Adventure

Get ready to explore one of the best travel destinations on the planet!

Africa is like no where else! Smile at a stranger, eat some local food and spot some incredible wildlife as we safari our way through the South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambias unique topography, you will not have a dull moment! 


If you have a thirst for adventure...

This trip is for you!

If you love nature and wildlife...

This trip is for you!


If you want an action packed holiday...

This trip for you!

This tailored made trip is exclusive to "Young Professionals" looking to travel and connect with like-minded people.

This trip is a mix of:

Exploring national parks 

Socialising with new friends

Camping, Hiking and Campfires

Adventure Activities 

Trying new foods

Wildlife watching

We also have a range of optional extra activities, allowing you to decide how you will spend your days.

Image by David Clode
Image by Damian Patkowski
Image by Matt Reed
Worlds End South Africa

What's Included?

18 x Nights Accomodation


Overland Transfers throughout Africa

Daily Breakfasts

12 x Lunches & 15 Dinners

Deadlvie National Park

Etoshia National Park

Fish River Canyon

Okavango Delta

Victoria Falls

Daily Yoga sessions

Photos and footage from the trip provided to all guests!

Countries Visited

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia 

Optional Activities





Quad Bike

Game Fishing

White Water Rafting

Canoe Trip


Image by Sammy Wong
Image by Ashim D’Silva
Wine Tasting #1.jpeg

We commence our African experience after meeting your Indy Escapes crew at our hotel at 8 am for breakfast. You will be given an introduction to the trip and what you can expect along the journey, along with being able to ask any questions that you have, then we will hit the road!

After breakfast we will head straight for our first stop which is only one hour down the raod. Stellenbosch is a picturesque town located just outside Cape Town and is the wine capital of South Africa. You will have a chance to go for a wander around the vineyard before we taste south of South Africas finest wines in the afternoon and enjoying a sunset dinner with your new crew.


Today we are on the road again and heading towards the Namibian Border. As the jounrey is a long one (and we may have some dusty companions onboard) we have decided to break up the day and have a pit stop at Trawal.

We will have a couple of breaks along the day, then set up camp in time to watch the sunset around the pool. We will enjoy a nice relaxing evening, with a couple of quiet drinks for those who wanted to lounge around and connect with their new friends.


There are a couple of small hiking trails in the area for the adventurers, but overall we will be taking it easy as we have a jam packed couple of few weeks coming up.

Image by Ansie Potgieter
Day 3: AIS AIS


We hope that everyone is recharged after a lazy night around the pool and is read to head to our first stop in Namibia. We aim to get to the border early to speed up formalities, then get set to explore Ais Ais, which is the gateway to the Fish River Canyon. 

There is an abundance of hikes along the river and canyon, as well as the Hot Springs which are one of the most popular things to do, especially for those who are still winding down and settling into the African slow pace vibe.

We will head up to a view point to watch our first Namibian subset then back to to camp for some local cuisine.


We hope that you brought your hiking shoes because we are going to be heading deep into the Fish River Canyon. 

This 160km long canyon was formed around 65 million years ago and is Africas rival to the Grand Canyon. We will hike high and low, and have a number of different vantage points - Some from way up high and others from the down low as we track along the river which passes through the canyon.

During the eveing we will head back to the pool for dinner and drinks whilst watching another beautiful sunset. 

Image by Rémi Jacquaint

We hope that you are feeling fresh after spending some time in the Hot Springs, as we have a big day on the road today, heading from Ais Ais to the Namib Naufulk National Park.

This amazing stretch of desert is one of the largest game parks in the world and although you will not see the same kind of wildlife as the Okavango Delta or Serengeti, you will see some truely mind blowing scenery.

We will set up camp before sunset then have some time to explore the surrounding sand dunes. One the night falls, you will have a chance to lay back and make a wish as you watch the shooting starts litter the sky.



Today, we will spend the night at one of the most mind-blowing backdrops in Africa!

Deadvlei is a white clay pan that, although is located close to more accessible and well know Sossuvlei salt pan seems much more like a figment of our imagination or landscape from a distance galaxy. The white salt, dead black trees and bright orange tinge of the sand will offer on of the most unique and bizarre sites that you will see in Africa.

Once again, we will set up shop here and spend the night under the stars.

Image by Ashim D’Silva
Sky Dive.webp

We finally head back to the coast after spending the last week on the road. Swakopmund is one of the nations most popular beach resorts and full of German style colonial architecture. If you thought that was cool, wait until you see all of the adventure actives available in this awesome little city!

Some options for the thrill seekers are skydiving, balloon rides, quad biking, fishing trips and boat cruises, for those who are a little more content and placid, then you can wander the streets and admire the German architecture or lay on the beach, switch off and read a book.



We realise that we have spend one week straight moving from one spot to another, so today we are having a free day.

As mentioned in yesterdays itinerary, all of the options will be available for the adrenaline junkies and the beach lovers. Today will give you a chance to tick a few more items off your bucket list or allow you to really wind down whilst on your holiday. 

It is likely that we will all end up on the beach for a couple of sunset cocktails before heading back to camp for another family dinner.

Quad Bikes.jpg

We will say goodbye to Skwakopmund after breakfast and continue to head north through Namibia. Today, we will head to Spitzkoppe, which means 'pointed dome' in German and is the most iconic mountain in Namibia. 

You will be able to see this spectacular landmark from kilometres away. The granite mountains are more than 120 million years old and the rise up to over 1,700 metres. We will continue to the sandy base of Spitzkoppe and set up camp in its shadows.


After dinner we can explore some trails and look for the nocturnal wildlife that inhabits the area.



The skeleton coast stretches all the way from Swakompund in central Namibia to Southern Angola. The Skeleton Coast derives its name from the seal and whale bones that were once scattered along the coast as remnants from the whaling industry, although in modern times the coast harbours the skeletal remains of the shipwrecks caught by offshore rocks and fog.

Some Namibian tribesmen called the region "The Land God Made in Anger", while Portuguese sailors once referred to it as "The Gates of Hell". The rough seas and vast desert combine to make a truely inhospitable environment.

Today we will have to opportunity to explore one of these shipwrecks!

Skeleton Coast.jpg
Day 11: ETOSHA

Boom! Just like that we have made it to the heart of one of Africas biggest game parks, Etosha!

The Park encompasses the Etosha Pan, Nebrownii Waterhole and Dolomite Hills and after the last ten days on the road we will finally have the chance to set our sights on the BIG FIVE! Our local guide will also be pointing out an abundance of other native fauna and flora along the way. Etosha has one more special little secret within its boundaries, the endangered Southern White Rhino & South Western Black Rhinoceros.

We will explore the park and set up camp under the stars.

Day 12: ETOSHA

We will wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the road as the sun rises over the the Etosha Plains. Today, you will hang your head out the side of our truck in search Water Buffalo, Wildebeest, Ostrich, Elephants, Girraffe, Zebra, Impala, Kukdu, Mongoose, Honey Badger, Aardvark, Cheetah, Leopard and the mightly Lion, to name a few. 

After a big day on the road, we will head back to camp for a sunset dinner then once the night falls, we will explore the park on foot and listen to the sounds of Africa from the shadows.

Etosha #1.jpg
Image by Raghu Nayyar

The last few days have fun been crazy so let's slow it all down and have a pit stop in Namibias Capital, Windhoek. English is the official language, and German is spoken by many in Windhoek.

There are a few things to explore in and around the city. Some suggestions are Christuskirche, Try Kapana at Oshetu Market Single Quarters, Am Weinberg - Hip Expat Area, Bike Ride in Katutura Township, Carnivore Feeding Tour at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary or Lunch with Giraffes at Voigtland Guesthouse.

Which every you chose, we will all meet back in town at Hiltons Sky Bar for some sunset cocktails.


Today we cross the border and head towards one of the most diverse game reserves on the planet. This will be a dream come true for anyone who watched David Attenborough documentaries growing up. You will be able to see the full circle of life over the next couple of days as we head deep into the Okavango Delta.

We swill spend the day in the truck looking out for lions, rhino, buffalo and kudu before setting up camp under the stars. Tonight we will try some local cuisines whilst enjoying a few drinks around the campfire.

Okavango #1.jpg
Okavango #2.jpg

There are many ways to see the Okavango Delta. Yesterday we explored by truck and by foot, today we will explore via waterway on a mokoro, which is a small wooden boat used by the locals to navigate the wetlands. This is our favourite way to get around the delta and a one in a lifetime opportunity for most people.

During our trip through the waterways, we be on the look out for elephants, hippos and crocodiles lurking amounts the reeds, we will spend the night deeper in the park and have the chance to visit a local tribe. Tonight you will really feel like you are in nature, and in Africa!


We will wake up early and get on the river when light breaks so that we can see the animals of Botswana beginning their day.

Once we have much it back to the truck, we will ahem a couple of hours free time or for those who are feeling even more adventurous, you will have the option to travel via local microflight and obtain a birds eye view. This flight will give a totally new and unique prospective of the Delta.

Okavango #3.jpg
Image by Harshil Gudka

We will be up early for to watch the sunrise over the delta before we chow down on breakfast and head out for our last foot patrol in the park.

Upon our return we will head further north east across Botswana to get our next wildlife fix. This time it is Chobe National Park. With even more biodiversity than the Okavango Delta, Chobe showcases heard of Cape buffalo and lions which are known for hunting elephants.

As we have in all of the parks, once the sunsets, we will fire up our touches and head out to explore the park by night!


Chobe can divided into four different geographical areas; The Serondela area, The Savuti Marsh area,  Linyanti Marsh and Nogatsaa Grass Woodland. We will be trying to cover as much of these as we can so that you can see the most diverse range of wildlife and scenery as possible. 

As we set up dinner tonight, you will start to feel a different vibe. As amazing as this experienced is, it is all starting to come to end and our last day on the road is tomorrow. We will enjoy another delicious local meal around the campfire with our new friends.

Chobe #1.jpg
Devils Pools.jpg

The last few weeks have fun been jam packed and full of adventures, so why not finish with a bang at Victoria Falls!


There are various adventure activities available in the area which include; Rafting, Bungee, MircoFlight and the Canyon Swing. If this doesn't get your heart pumping then jump in the world famous Devils Pool at the tip of Victoria Falls.

We will all meet up for dinner to enjoy our final meal whilst watching the sunset over the lush jungle that surrounds our camp.

Tomorrow morning our Israeli adventure comes to an end.

Microlight Flight.jpg

Twin Share room/tent

$2,999 USD per person

Single room/tent to yourself

$3,999 USD per person

How to secure your spot:

To secure your spot, we require a $200 USD refundable deposit.

Remaining payment due 14 days before departure. 


Payment Plan: available on request.

We accept Bank Transfer & Pay Pal.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that in the current climate, we need flexibility.

A Full Refund is available up until14 days from departure.

A Full Refund is offered for any border closures & flight cancellations due to COVID.

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya
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