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Health & Fitness

Whether its a hike through the jungle, obstacles courses, yoga or HIIT session, you’ll be challenged but empowered by a like-minded crew.

Our vision is to provide a platform for people from all walks of life with a fun filled week of fitness, education, cultural experiences and social events.

With our passion for fitness along with wellness & wellbeing, we have sourced some of the worlds most knowledgable industry experts to work alongside. So that we can provide structured fitness programs, using expertise from our allied health specialists, and fantastic local knowledge of our tropical locations, all to provide guests with a most memorable experience.  


Our trips are all balance of Adventure, Fun & Culture 


We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone because we all know that this is where the magic happens. Lets get lost in a new city, scuba dive in crystal blue waters or hike through a rainforest.


The main reason our guests come and travel with us is to meet likeminded people, so what better way to do it than lounging around an infinity pool or a game of beach volley ball then socialise with your new friends and enjoy a sunset cocktail.


To travel, is to learn and the more we travel the more we will understand different cultures and raise our awareness about Responsible Travel & Conservation. Let's provoke our curiosity through a conversation with a local, visiting a national park, tasting exotic new dish or joining in on a cooking class.


Riding the Waves


Where do you want to start your journey?


Let us connect you

Group of Friends
Group Hike
Happy Friends
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Our Groups

Our groups are make up of a mix of solo travellers, singles, couples and groups of friends so you will never have to worry about being alone!

The people that will be joining you will be 'young professionals' aged in the their mid 20's to their late 30's and on the same page as you!

We would rather a winery or beach bar than a nightclub, being outdoors exploring then inside at work and most importantly - We want to be around good genuine people!

If you are a solo traveller or couple, looking at a group booking or are interested in a private tour contact us directly and have a chat with one of our friendly staff, as we would be more than happy to help with anything that you need!

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