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About us

The vision of Indy Escapes is to link likeminded individuals and take them to exotic locations that they never dreamt that they could go too or afford! Our groups are always made up of a mixture of singles, couples and groups of friends, so it doesn’t matter if you are coming alone or with someone, we have no doubt that you will have the time of your life and make some great new lifelong friends along the way! Our motto is: ’Come as strangers, leave as friends!’


Our main focus is on Adventure, Culture and most importantly Fun!


We also promote conservation and sustainability, through beach clean up programs, educating guests and supporting local environmental groups like the the Whale Shark Research Centre.


About Maldives!


Made up of over 1,200 island and located in the Indian Ocean, just off the cost of Sri Lanka. This hidden gem is overlooked as a fun and exciting travel hot spot because of its perception as a luxury honeymoon destination that most people will never be bale to afford. Fortunately this is not the case, since the government open up the local islands it has allowed us to link up some of the most incredible experiences on the planet in a one week adventure!



About the trip!


Throughout our island hopping trip we will swim with the whale sharks, manta rays and turtles, explore a ship wreck, have lunch on a sandbank, catch your own dinner while night fishing then dance the night away at a boat party!


You will also have options for scuba diving, parasailing, visiting some all inclusive resorts for a few cocktails and seeing the world famous over water bungalows!


There is no other tour like this in the world that offers all of these bucket list items in one trip!


Should you join us?

If you have the Maldives on your bucket list, have a sense of adventure and love a cocktail, then there is no better way the experience the Maldives than by joining a group of likeminded travellers!

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